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How To Bet

Our objective at Just Football Bets is to provide odds comparison, pre-match key points and information on special offers for all the top football events. So make sure to visit this site before making your online bets and ensure you get the best returns possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the advantage of using an odds comparison?

The advantage of using an odd comparison is that people placing football bets can be presented with all the different odds available online and they can compare these odds and place bets according.

Odds comparison is better than betting on a specific bookmaker’s site where you are normally restricted to booking on only those events covered by that bookmaker. This could mean taking a risk on the odds and some of the odds presented could be inferior to many other available online.

At Justfootballbets we provide the best odds of all the leading bookmakers on one site and display all the special offers available each week and give you the choice of getting the best value for your money. Also placing a bet with any of our featured bookmakers is simple and can be done with just the click of a button. TOP

What do the dates shown for each event indicate?

The dates shown above each odds table indicates the date on which the betting for a particular event is expected to end. For most matches it is usually the day of the match. But for tournament betting it usually means the day of the final (or for a league matches it would be the date of the last round of fixtures). TOP

How often do you update the odds?

We ensure that our listed bookmakers' sites are checked constantly and the odds are updated accordingly. The time shown on the table indicates the time of the oldest price which means that every price in the table has been checked since that given time. While the odds are updated as frequently as possible the time period also depends on the event, for instance on events where the odds change often it will usually be ever five minutes or less. TOP

Can I view odds in different formats?

You can choose to view the odds in different formats such as fractional format (e.g. 11/10), decimal format (e.g. 2.10) or US format (e.g. +110). Just click the preferred button on our listing of Current Top Events. TOP

How safe is my money safe?

Your money is completely safe with all of our featured bookmakers because they are all licensed and accredited bookmakers. These bookmakers use only the very latest and best security systems and ensure that your credit card details are transmitted and stored securely when used online. TOP

Are my bets guaranteed?

Because we are independent of the bookmaker we cannot be implicated in any dispute that may arise between a bookmaker and its clients. All bookmakers have their own method for settling disputes, and most involve referral to an independent arbitrating body in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved amicably between the bookmaker and the client.

It is therefore solely your responsibility to check for any special rules or conditions relating to a specific bookmaker or to specific bets. While Justfootballbets presents information and odds from bookmakers in good faith, it cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the site. TOP

What does betting exchange mean?

In betting exchange users can bet against each other which means there are no bookmaker margins built into the prices. Instead, these betting exchange sites charges a small commission on the winning bets. Betting exchange usually means better odds for users than those available with the bookmakers, and it also allows them to bet both for and against possible outcomes. TOP

How to use Personalized Betting Alerts?

Betting Alerts lets you to make your own betting event list and to choose the odd that is convenient for you. For example, you want to bet on your favourite team as a next Champions League Winner:

  • Select this betting event from the left menu.
  • Click on the Alert button. It will display a menu to create your Alert.
  • Type your odd and click Save.
  • When you visit the site again, go to the Alerts page. It will display your personalized Alerts – the list of the betting event that you want to follow and the odds that you want to see. Analyze it and make your bet!







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